6 Toys to Help Your Kids Learn to Code

Author : Guest Blogger
Date : September 16, 2018

Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, you’ve probably heard about the push to teach computer science and programming skills to children. Learning to code teaches children logical thinking skills, curiosity about the digital world, and the ability to solve difficult problems by breaking them down into smaller chunks.

Learning a programming language may seem difficult. But for Brampton parents who want to introduce their kids to coding, here are some toys that can help children learn basic programming concepts while having fun.


Young children (ages 3 to 7)



BeeBot is a large, friendly robot bee that teaches coding basics such as sequencing and problem solving. Using left and right buttons, children can create programs to make the bee maneuver around the room and avoid obstacles.





Fisher Price’s Think & Learn Code-A-Piller lets kids program sounds and movement by rearranging segments of the caterpillar. Designed to foster experimentation and problem solving, the Code-A-Piller is rated for children 3 to 6 years old.




Cubetto is designed to teach the LOGO language using blocks that control a small wooden square robot. Cubetto comes with a world map and a storybook to teach the programming concepts kids need to help the robot find his way home. Additional adventure packs are also available.


Older Children (age 8+)



Ozobots are small, pocket-sized robots that react to color coded paths drawn on paper or digital paths on a screen. This adds a creative element to learning programming, as kids get to draw mazes and create games for their robots.




Microduino’s mCookie

mCookies are magnetic electronic squares designed to work with Lego toys. Using drag and drop coding, kids can power vehicles, robots, and just about anything else they can imagine. mCookies also support Arduino, an open source hardware and software platform used for a wide range of creative electronic projects.



connectedplatformProject Bloks

Project Bloks, announced this summer by Google, will provide a platform for a new range of high tech programming toys. Similar to their Android software model, Google plans to develop a coding platform that toymakers can use to create a variety of toys. The underlying design is a system of blocks designed to teach coding logic.


Electronic coding toys can spark a child’s imagination and give them a taste for working with computers and robotics. For children interested in learning more about programming, Junior Coders offers a hands-on learning environment for kids from 1st through 12th grade. Contact us today to learn how much fun programming can be.

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