Game Modding And What It Can Teach You

Author : Guest Blogger
Date : April 7, 2019

What most kids love about computers is that you can play all kinds of games on them.  Seriously, that’s a lot of fun.  But what you may not already know is that many games allow you to make changes to them so you can make them even more fun, or you can experiment with all kinds of crazy things.


For example, you might be able to change the way the game characters look, or how they move, or even change the background scenery of the game.  In some ways, playing around like this is even more fun than the game itself.

3D modeling

When you make changes like this, it’s called “modding”.  The cool thing about modding games is that you get to control some of the things about the game without having to completely make the game yourself.  Of course making your own games is even better, but you need many special skills for that, including learning to program (if you live in Canada, you could learn this at Junior Coders).


Modding games helps you learn a lot of important game making skills, so it’s a great starting point.  Not only will it extend the life and playability of your games, but you also have opportunities to share your mods with other fans, so you can make friends, earn fame, and get access to a lot of great stuff to enhance your games with.

Minigames - Capture the Flag - Part 0 - YouTube

When you get experience modding games, you’ll understand a lot more about how games work, and all the parts that go into creating a game.  If you can create a really awesome mod, it will get you noticed, and you may even be land a job from it.


Game creators, game designers, and game programmers have some of the coolest jobs around because they get to spend most of their time creating dreams, building worlds, and making something that many people around the world can enjoy.

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