Learn About Graphic Design at Summer Camp

Author : Guest Blogger
Date : January 24, 2021

Graphic design is one of those rare careers where you are likely to know from an early age that its what you want to do. You’ll already be really good at drawing and designing things, and it’s probably one of your favorite things to do.

Now Junior Coders has developed a special summer camp to help you reach your full potential in graphic design and learn how to use technology that is used in the graphic design industry.


Many people think graphic design is all about drawing, but there’s much more to it than that. If all you can do is draw, then you’ll just be an illustrator.  A graphic designer goes beyond merely drawing, into the field of design which is more complex.


Designing means thinking about the way people will interact with the drawing (or graphic) and using design skills to achieve the maximum benefit from that interaction. In most cases, interaction will just be seeing the graphic and thinking about it, but sometimes it may involve real interaction as well (the graphic may change or animate in response to something viewer does).


Some of the things graphic designers do include:

  • Design levels, characters, and animation sprites for video games
  • Create titles and graphics for movies and television shows
  • Design logos for businesses
  • Create art works for posters, signs, and marketing products
  • Design stencils that will be painted on things (cars, for example)



At this summer camp project, you will have the opportunity to get to know the design process and how images are constructed layer by layer to become what you see displayed. You will see how filters are applied to images to create special effects. And you will learn how to process your images for different kinds of output.

The best part is that you’re not just there as an observer or “student”, you’re actually going to be creating your own images and working with them on the computer, doing everything yourself just the way the professionals do.

To find out more information about these innovative summer camp programs, visit the Junior Coders summer camp page or call 416 613 1278.

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