Some Things To Know About Computer Programs

Author : Guest Blogger
Date : April 14, 2019

Without computer programs, many things in our modern way of life simply wouldn’t work.  Trains would come to a standstill, hospitals would no longer be able to function in a systematic way, kids wouldn’t be able to watch cartoons on YouTube, and yeah… the world would just be a darker, less efficient, and less fun place to live.


As you can see, computer programs are important, because the world we live in has come to depend on them so much.  But now, because of that dependence, we also face a bit of a problem.  That’s because not many people know how to write programs for computers.


Well, actually, there are millions of people who know how to do that, but when you compare that to the 7,500,000,000 people who live on Earth, it’s actually not many.  Much less than one in every ten people.

We got to this point because a long time ago when computer programs were first being created, people thought that they’d just need to write a program and that would be all that was needed.  But we soon learned that the world around us changes all the time, and because of that change, computer programs need to be changed too.


Then, because of the way programming was presented to the public, many people came to believe that it is a very difficult thing to learn, requiring years of study at college.  This simply isn’t true, though.  Anyone, even kids, can learn to program.  The skills are easy to pick up and once you have them, you will have them for life.

The world needs more programmers, because we keep creating more and more new programs, and we keep developing new technology all the time.  But not only does the world need programmers for creating new things, we also need programmers to make changes to the old programs that already exist.


Being a programmer, if you do it for a job, is really cool because you get paid lots of money to do something that’s fun and interesting.  If that sounds like a good idea to you, then it would be a great idea to start learning about programming now.

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