The Summer Camp Where You Can Play With Robots

Author : Guest Blogger
Date : June 19, 2017

When you think of summer camp, what probably comes to mind is paddling canoes around a lake or singing songs around the camp fire. There’s nothing actually wrong with these traditional summer camp activities, but this is a new millennium, and it’s time to upgrade your expectations.



Think about a summer camp where everyone is playing with the latest technology, learning to do amazing things that are not only fun, but could even pave the way to a future career as a programmer, robotics engineer, movie director, or graphic designer.




The summer camp of the future is available today from Junior Coders. ¬†There are many different activities available for kids to choose from at these camps. The categories available include Scratch Programming, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Robotics. Yes, that’s right, robotics!


Have you ever heard of a summer camp where you can learn how to control robots? Well, now, thanks to Junior Coders, it exists. Being part of the future of technology can start today. and this is your chance.

Participation in the robotics summer camp at Junior Coders will help kids learn all about how robots work, how they’re created, and how to control them using simple coding commands.




Kids don’t need any previous skills or experience in robot building or computer technology. They’ll learn all the skills they need right at the camp, and all the required equipment is supplied.

If you’ve been looking for a summer camp with a difference, Junior Coders is where it’s all happening.

To find out more information about these innovative summer camp programs, visit the Junior Coders summer camp page or call 416 613 1278.

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