You Can Make Your Own Computer Games

Author : Guest Blogger
Date : February 19, 2017

Computer games are a lot of fun and can even be a little bit addictive, which is why sometimes grown-ups think we play them too much and suggest we should try doing other things. But you know what’s even more fun than playing games?  Making games!


Every game that exists was made by somebody.  When you just play a game made by somebody else, you have to play it according to the rules they created and to achieve the goals they set.  But if you make the game, you get to decide what happens and how the game should be played.  Best of all, you not only have fun making and playing the game, you get the chance to let lots of other people have fun playing your game.


If you could do a really good job of making your game, you could even make some money from it.  But most people don’t make a game that good on their first try.  It usually takes a bit of practice, first.  Everybody has to start somewhere.

A really great place to start learning how to write programs and make games is Junior Coders, because they can teach you all the most important skills that you would need, and it’s training specially designed for kids.


One really important thing you need to know is that it’s not actually that difficult to make a game.  It may seem very complicated at first, but once you understand how programs work, you only have to learn a few simple things to make your dream come to life.

Stuart Girls Develop Video Games

Playing a computer game is a little bit like having a dream, because you get to do crazy things in a game that you wouldn’t do in your real life.  That’s why it’s cool to make a game, because then you’re actually designing a dream, and it’s a dream you can share.  Totally awesome and fun.  You should try it.

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