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Computer coding Brampton
Junior Coders Learning Center provides after school Computer Science courses for students from Grades 1 through 12. We offer a creative and inspiring collaborative environment for building coding skills. It’s our goal to guide students on their journey from technology consumers to technology creators.


We strive to develop and deliver the highest quality, most inventive technology experiences to the next generation. We provide a fun learning environment where students are empowered with the skills they need to be successful, ethical, effective problem-solvers and life-long learners who will contribute positively to the world.


To expand the scope of computer science and contribute to the success of young children by developing and sharing innovative education.


Learn Through Design

Deliver engaging educational experiences by offering a cutting-edge curriculum in a lively, hands-on environment. Our students possess limitless potential and our staff inspires them by bringing joy and creativity to learning through a personalized approach.

Encourage Passion

Go the extra mile. Challenge assumptions. Break rules. Make errors. When we encourage children to explore their passion, they will work longer and harder and will learn more in the process, deepening their own interests and talents. Encourage children to unlock the potential from their personal interests.

Develop Future Leaders

Provide opportunities for all program participants to explore challenges and build leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills through programming activities and group projects.

Foster Creativity

Empower students to express themselves in the digital world. Give them the skills and confidence to take on new challenges and develop a unique creative vision.


Provide exceptional service to children, parents, and community while creating a vibrant learning experience to prepare the next generation for success.

Respect, Safety & Integrity

Provide a safe and fun group dynamic where students honour self and others and are free to explore new ideas and speak their minds.